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Area Rugs

Nature sets the best example when it comes to barefoot comfort. So why not go on the organic natural route to a barefoot friendly home? Take a look at these amazingly cool Area Rugs from Anji Mountain (sounds like a nice place to vacation right?).

This is a whole new line that carries the best in Organic Rugs in a range of sizes.

Like what you see? Contact us regarding prices and ordering.

Anslie's Interior Decor has a select few samples in shop and they have even more on their website:

You can also click on this link to view their catalogue!

Jute Rugs

Silky Shag Rugs

Atlas Collection

Sisal/Seagrass Rugs

Paper Shag Rugs

Bamboo Collection

Size Chart for Area Rugs

AMB0011 Bamboo Rugs Villager-Crimson
AMB0012 Bamboo Rugs Villager-Coffee
AMB0020 Bamboo Rugs Pearl-River
AMB0031 Bamboo Rugs ContempChocolate
AMB0085 Bamboo Rugs Cobblestone
AMB0090-2048 Bamboo Kitchen&Bath Mat
AMB0117 Seagrass/Sisal Saddleback
AMB0118 Seagrass/Sisal Moray
AMB0119 Seagrass/Sisal Sabertooth
AMB0120 Seagrass/Sisal Kingfisher
AMB0320 Jute Big-Sur
AMB0321 Jute Patagonia
AMB0322 Jute River-Sand
AMB0323 Jute Mira
AMB0324 Jute Sahara
AMB0325 Jute Perfect-Diamond
AMB0326 Jute Chesterfield
AMB0327 Jute Mirage
AMB0328 Jute Kerala
AMB0450 Paper Shag Kakao
AMB0451 Paper Shag Creme
AMB0452 Paper Shage Confetti
AMB0650 Silky Shag Coffee-Bean
AMB0651 Silky Shag Ivory
AMB0652 Silky Shag Crimson
AMB0654 Silky Shag Beige
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